Troubleshooting Solar Panels

Modified on Fri, 12 May 2023 at 04:45 PM

First, check the output of the entire system at the metering system or inverter. Before you begin troubleshooting, check and record the inverter's input voltage and current level from the array. You will likely encounter one of two scenarios:

The entire PV system, or a portion of it, is down or not producing power; this may be related to a problem with the inverter.

Or the PV system output is less than expected; this may be related to a problem with one of the arrays or modules.

Trace out the individual branch wiring backward from the concentrator. Check the entire system visually for any obvious damage or accidental disconnections. Once you find the failed module or array, check all wires, switches, fuses, and circuit breakers. Replace blown fuses; reset the breakers and switches. Check for broken wires and loose or dirty connections; replace and clean as needed. Be on the lookout for loose connections between the modules. They may have worked loose and caused a lack of contact.

The combiner box can be a great place to troubleshoot the system because the individual wires from the modules are brought back to it. Each module may have a fuse that you should check with your multimeter.

Wiring problems and loose connections may also cause a module to produce too low a voltage. Check all wiring connections. If a module output is low, it may mean that an individual section of cells is bad. These can be traced out using the 393 FC at the junction boxes until the culprit is found.

A multimeter provides an audio polarity warning when you’re testing voc. If you find that polarity is reversed, it may mean that other circuits in the combiner box are unintentionally connected in series, resulting in voltages over the maximum inverter input voltage.  

Any dirt or shade on the modules themselves can cause reduced output. Although the modules are usually designed to be maintenance-free for years, they may need to be cleaned. Pollen and dust can be significant problems in some areas of the country.

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